People that play tennis are fitter than most of us. It is an endurance sport that is fun to play and burns lots of calories in the process.

Tennis is played world-wide on 3 different types of courts. It is played on clay courts, hard courts and grass courts.

Tennis has a unique scoring system, that is strange to new players. With 0 points known as "love". Your first point in tennis is also worth 15 points not 1. So a score in tennis would be, for example, 15-love or 30-love. It could also be 30-15.

Tennis requires fast movement and lot's of running up and down the court. You will need a tennis racket to strike the ball and a special type of felt covered ball to play. Tennis Shoe Brands are equally important, a good pair of tennis shoes are a must.

The brand of tennis balls that you use, is an important factor in the outcome of the match. You will also need to use the proper type of tennis ball, depending on your skill level and type of surface you are playing on.

If you are looking for a challenging and fast-paced sport, then tennis is a great option.

While tennis is fun to play, it is also a great spectator sport. The matches are intense and often last several hours. Many matches end with the players on the brink of exhaustion.
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